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Lisa's experts are the best of the best in their fields as well as her own personal coaches. Her experts bring decades of experience working with individuals and groups, as well as a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Each provides an opportunity for true transformation no matter where you're at on your path. The experts have a regular spot on Lisa's couch where they respond to your questions and dive deep into areas where you may be challenged. Got a question for an expert? Email it to



with Tahlia Reynolds 

Tahlia ignites your genius and potential - and is a shining example of masterfully living in her genius and powerfully creating from this place.


For well over a decade she has immersed herself in every nook and niche of personal development worldwide and brings the best parts to life in her conscious coaching methods. Her skillset and vast experience is where intellect and magic collide.

With razor-sharp intuition, heart-led compassion and divine creative wisdom, Tahlia shines light on your genius and teaches you to harness your unlimited personal power. Tahlia sees greatness in you, before you’ve met it in yourself.


She is highly skilled at unveiling what's been hidden for far too long. We all have blindspots. They’re often difficult to reach and easily go ignored. With growth and freedom at the top of her values list, Tahlia effortlessly guides you to the places you’d never dare to look on your own.

Weaving integrity, honesty and authenticity into all that she does, Tahlia’s work ensures the perfect mix of challenge & safety that allows you to let go of all that no longer serves and create the space you need to up-level and transform bravely into your unique and potent human potential.


with Yummii Nguyen

Three weeks into being a new mother, Yummii got her aha moment.

"The true gift of parenting is to return to our wholeness." 

She is standing in the kitchen and earlier that day, she made the bed, had a shower, and was now making herself a hot breakfast. She never felt more humbled, whole, and enough. For most of her life, she was "seeking" this experience of feeling "enough" and "worthy" - mainly through what she had, what she did, what she achieved, and by what other's thought. 


It was through entering into Motherhood that she finally realised "wholeness" is possible - and that we can heal from the experience of not feeling enough and unworthy. Motherhood opened up the possibility to heal from the addiction of validation, approval, and perfectionism. 

Being a High-Performance Leadership Coach,  and invested in Spirituality, Self-Development, and Self-Mastery - Yummii developed The Motherhood Mindset framework dedicated for Mothers and families who are invested in thriving and setting a powerful foundation for conscious parenting - and healing from generational wounds, the inner child, and the pathway to re-parenting. 

She explores, teaches and writes about Conscious Parenting, Relationships, and Spirituality. 


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Instagram: @yummii.nguyen



with Tamica Wilder

Tamica is a somatic sexologist and multi-qualified complementary therapist with over 15yrs facilitation, coaching and group work experience. Tamica is deeply passionate about guiding humans home to their bodies - through their sexuality and somatic intellect. She believes that our current social messaging around sex, intimacy, pleasure and relationships need a damn good shake up! Never been one to shy away from a challenge, Tamica is committed to leading the charge. 

Working with our sexuality, intimacy and the often 'sidelined' parts of our human nature can be a tricky and intricate piece of the personal development puzzle. With her vast experience and embodied wisdom Tamica guides with compassion, humour, gentleness, love and curiosity, in all that she does. Creating the magic mix of “ahh this is safe” and “whoaaa this feels new” - is one of her superpowers!

Tamica's work arms you with the tools needed to create lasting and meaningful change inside your intimate relationships and reminds you what's possible inside your full and authentic sexual expression. This is inner sex work for the soul. 

It's not an easy piece- but goodness me the rewards are vast. When we reclaim our eros, sexuality and the undeniable wisdom of our bodies - we feel the ripple effects in all areas of our life. You’ll gain greater self-understanding and learn to embody the confidence required to fully reclaim all aspects of your glorious being that may have slipped to the sidelines! 


Tamica is a hand holder, a light-bearing guide and a mirror-like reminder of your true and wild nature. 


Instagram: @theorgasmicmama

Facebook Group: @theorgasmicmama


with Belinda Bailey

Belinda Bailey is an extraordinary Love and Relationship educator and coach with 20 plus years of training and experience in Transpersonal Psychology and Neural and behavioural change; as well as a growing education in cutting edge Quantum psychology, meditation and epigenetics that help people to rewire their neurology and open up themselves up to brand new options in life and relationships.


As well as working with women and couples she delivers workshops and training to groups with her flagship program ‘The Love Codes’ as her most popular course to date. What makes her unlike the other experts in this field is her own experience in relationships herself with her first marriage being one of deep and profound love, yet without the necessary skills and healing to be able to sustain and deepen in love. It ended in infidelity, abuse and divorce. Belinda spent two decades researching, trialling and cultivating some simple and transformative tools based on Quantum psychology and Neuro plasticity to finally get somewhere that she used and continues to use for herself and teach to the women in her Love Codes program.


Now happily married again, Belinda and her husband sometimes need to pinch themselves at how gracefully and lovingly they communicate even the hardest and most taboo of topics, and how when they do, they always end up closer than before.

Belinda not only helps us to have healthy and meaningful relationships she paves the way to creating a relationship as a means to spiritual and personal awakening. While intuitively seeing what personal Love Codes and habituated pathways to relating you are carrying and making you feel safe to explore yourself and how you relate and ultimately make permanent and evolutionary change. Relationship mastery is more than a career for her, it is her mission.


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