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Only $19 per month for 6 months OR $25 for a month-to-month membership.


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Mother and Designer

“For so long I had been searching for something to inspire me to take the steps I truly needed to change my life. In the past I have struggled with knowing where to go to for the right information and who are the right people I need to connect with. As soon as I tuned into Lisa and the Good News Guide Podcast I knew intuitively this was it. With each episode I am blown away by the caliber of her guests each of them experts, innovators and thought leaders in their own right. Lisa has brought to her listeners an encyclopaedia of go-to gurus and healers who all feel instantly familiar. Each episode is informative, insightful, intimate and sometimes funny. The episodes are not only inspirational but are a great source of practical advice not only asking the “why” but often providing the “how to”. I am so grateful to Lisa and all her guests for doing what they do and for sparking the curiosity within me to commence the journey I have know for so long I needed, and have wanted to take”.




As a 77 y.o. I’ve discovered it’s not too late too change!

These conversations have been, for me, a bright light during the Covid lockdown. Lisa’s guests have a range of emotional, scientific and life-changing experiences and she has the ability to lead her guests to speak about their journeys. There have been many wise words spoken and with time to reflect - sometimes painfully - to find more love. How can you ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ if you don’t love yourself?

Thank you Lisa



Founder of Open to Consciousness

I'm so deeply inspired and grateful for the Good News Guide. With so much information out there I feel enormous trust that this is a portal of the highest quality information and inspiration. Lisa Winneke operates from the highest level of human connection, she skillfully brings men and women from across the world into one accessible space. The level of coherent energy and love that underpins this work is contagious, it will transform who you are.


Thank you to Lisa for showing up and gifting this to the world.



A Conscious Earth

My name is Lisa Snow and I met Lisa Winneke through our mutual passion and love of the work of neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza. When Lisa launched The Good News Guide in early 2020, not only was I introduced to a whole new group of thought leaders that I had never heard of before, but I was also gifted an opportunity to create personal connections and relationships with some these extraordinary thought leaders too. Quite some time ago I developed a curiosity for the earth-mind-body-universe connection and some of my favourite guest speakers from The Good News Guide that have been able to quench my on-going thirst and curiosity in these areas have been Dan Mangena, Yummii Nguyen, Tamica Wilder, Belinda Bailey, Mary Helen Hensley, Greg Papania, David Strickle and David Hamilton, just to name a few. They all bring so much wisdom, knowledge and richness to the world in their own individual and unique way. The Good News Guide has become a platform that I return to time-and-time again I am extremely grateful for not only having connected with Lisa and many of her guest speakers, but I also feel blessed for being a part of such a beautiful community.




The good news guide is a breath of fresh air... I love the speakers Lisa has on her show.. the conversations are interesting, amazingly thought-provoking and inspirational. The variety of speakers is fabulous and their passion for life is contagious. The content is brilliant.....It just makes sense and it’s not complicated. The guests are extraordinary people who are passionate about being the best human beings they can, living their best life and genuinely want to help and inspire you to do the same... I highly recommend listening to the good news guide, it gave me a different perspective on life... I guarantee you will get something from each special guest, a piece of gold that you can relate to, a new appreciation of the backstories and transformation possible. 

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Wife Friend Mompreneur

Lisa is a creative force, a transformational speaker, a student of the human heart and soul. Her authentic raw honesty and desire to help you design a brand new reality for yourself shines through in the conversations she shares in The Good News Guide. Her warmth and ability to connect with you on a very deep level is reflected each time she has a discussion with one of her guest speaker's or she’s giving you direct feedback. That connection is her superpower.  Her humor and insight is immeasurable.  She embraces and values friendship and has been instrumental in helping me change the way I think.  Vulnerability is terrifying but thanks to Lisa, my heart now chooses courage over comfort.  I highly recommend The Good News Guide - so many life changing lessons.


Only $19 per month for 6 months OR $25 for a month-to-month membership.

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