What gets my juices flowing is authentic connection and communication - I love sharing my pitfalls, my learnings, my insights, my highs and my heart - no matter how vulnerable I feel. In all of it - it's an offering for people to recognise that we're human, we're all in this together and when we share from that place we connect with each other in meaningful ways - this IS what we all want and where happiness resides as humans!

What I now understand about the human experience is that everything that has ever happened doesn't happen 'to us', but 'for us'. When we change our perspective and view the pain, trauma and challenges that we've experienced from a higher vantage point, we realise that it was all there to serve us and our lives completely transform. We can receive the wisdom that these life experiences present. All for the purpose of returning home to ourselves.


For me, I created the experience of such deep disconnect for 20 years - 'suffering' bulimia and depression - to lead me back to discovering who I was beyond the 'stories' and paving the way for me to 'remember' my true nature and why I'm here. 


Over the past 14 years, I've been deeply immersed in the world of ‘personal development’, I've been fortunate to have discovered and worked with the most extraordinary coaches, experts and healers. It is this journey of self-discovery that has led me back to me and connecting to what lights me up. This led to the creation of 'The Good News Guide' in 2020 and sharing my message of love and the power of courage, vulnerability and action to start again. 



The Good News Guide started as a seed with a clear vision - to guide people back to their heart’s wisdom - and a mission to be the go-to guide for exploring and raising consciousness by sharing stories and delivering news to uplift the planet.


It is a collection of conversations, stories, ideas and tools from the greatest teachers, thought leaders, healers and humans on the planet. It’s a space where you can expand your mind and open your heart. It’s a space where you are reminded you are who you’ve been seeking. It’s a ‘guide’ that leads you back to knowing - you are more powerful, more beautiful, more extraordinary and more loveable than you may have ever known.

It is truly a unique experience. As you watch and listen, your mind will become calm and focused through music that was composed using specific frequencies and tunings.


Lisa and her team have been guided by a unique 'creative process', 

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